Twisted Tree Photography

Twisted Tree Tree Photography at Hawclif Farms

Hey there! Thank you so much for stopping by & checking out our site!

As you can see we are still just a bit under the construction and add-on phase as we begin another adventure further into the interwebs but we all have to start somewhere right?

A little bit about us… Once upon a time in high school, a young farm gal met a young farm boy and much to everyone’s disbelief they decided to get married not too many years later. And here we are 20+ years after that, still growing up together (because there’s always more ways to grow), with a couple of successful jobs under our belts, a couple of kids, and now fulfilling those lifelong dreams of being able to farm full time just like our parents did and continue to do. As we have the privilege of farming right alongside them.

Another dream and passion we have found a calling for is photography. It seems everywhere we look all day long we are analyzing and framing shots up in our mind as if through a camera lens… even on those rare times we don’t actually have one in hand. Farming, nature, and macro photography seem to be our main focus there but we also find a great interest in business and marketing-stock photos for advertising, as well as art, sports, drone shots, and travel. And as you may have guessed I have a special affinity for big twisted trees one of which we are blessed to have right here on our farm. We each have our own different views and opinions on light, focus, and what really piques our interests but differences are what keeps things interesting and the world going round, right? And art comes in so many amazing forms!

See something you like in our gallery or blog posts? Go to the link in the contact tab for more information on pricing for prints, canvases, or a photo session at your own farm, home, or business! We hope you will continue to check back as we add to the gallery and follow along with us in our simultaneous journeys of farm life, photography, and come what may!

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