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Twisted Tree Tree Photography at Hawclif Farms
We Are Twisted Tree Photography

High school sweethearts, multi-generational farmers, photographers, and business partners Kristin & Nathan Lykins.

Nathan and Kristin were both raised in multi-generational farm families…on opposite ends of the same county. They met in a high school ag class and have been side by side growing in life together ever since.

They have had off-farm careers in the past and often used vacation days to work on the farms with their families until they were able to move on to their childhood dreams of farming full-time themselves. Forever growing and adapting together in this crazy beautiful world with equal passions for farm life as well as photography.

A Little About


Both of Kristin’s parents grew up on multi-generational family farms and they instilled that passion for agriculture & farming in Kristin at a young age. She grew up watching and riding along with her Mom while she worked right alongside her Dad operating equipment at Hawclif Farms. In the summers their family would often travel by truck & camper to many places in the United States where they also instilled a love & passion for nature, mountain and rural landscapes, camping, and all the things those entail.

Prior to coming back to the farm full-time Kristin worked for 15 years in the banking & finance industry, most of that time with a local agricultural & rural housing lending institution. One of her first key roles on the farm outside of operating equipment as she’d done since she was in her early teens, was taking over & managing the business and accounting side of the farm. Kristin is also known as the family cook and baker…pies being the specialty. She’s even been known to “cook” meals for her family with heated lunchboxes inside the tractor cab while operating equipment on the farm!

A Little About


Nathan grew up on a large multi-generational family farm & his extended family owns & operates 2 grain elevators. Prior to farming full-time Nathan owned & operated a successful lawn mowing business in addition to working on the family farms. Today he manages & operates Hawclif Farms with his wife, Kristin, in addition to helping his Dad’s row crop operation at Lykins Farms. Nathan enjoys creating unique filters to edit photos to really make them stand out. And can even be found simultaneously operating equipment on the farm while flying his drone to create amazing aerial video footage on the farm as well!

Nathan also currently serves on the Board of Directors for a local agricultural co-op & enjoys being a member of peer groups that are looking for new & innovative agriculture technology ideas.  As a part of this Nathan is also a partner & business owner of a drone spraying business, XAg Apply.

The Lykins Family

Nathan and Kristin have 2 children who are now both teenagers and Kristin has also enjoyed homeschooling their children the last several years in addition to her work on the farm and in the photography business. You may even see some work on occasion from their kids who enjoy many of their same passions as well as their own!

Intermixing the work on both of their family farms with opposing red and green farm equipment has made life interesting & makes for plenty of unique and fun photo opportunities from points of view that truly know agriculture. They both enjoy going to other family farms and commercial production agriculture businesses to learn & photograph all areas of agriculture and ranching beyond just their own farm.

Some of Our


Landscapes, macros, nature, and agricultural photography are their specialties. But they also love to stage shots for stock photos to be used in business marketing, branding, and advertising. Kristin especially enjoys creating wall calendars each year and incorporating Bible verses for each month as well as adding Bible Verses to metal prints. Seeing the beauty in all of God’s creations through the eye of a camera lens!