Twisted Tree Photography

Twisted Tree Tree Photography at Hawclif Farms

Breathtaking Indiana sunsets and flags flown with pride are a common site in the heart of the Midwest. Especially in the rural areas where you may even see a painted flag quite literally taking up almost an entire side or roof of a barn.

I’ve often wondered what if we ever moved away, though hard to imagine, I would picture myself as a mountain girl if I couldn’t be a farm girl.

And yes who doesn’t love the beach, but for me beaches are just for vacations, not a full-time residence.

I mean how can you not love the idea of fresh mountain air and maybe even some trail horses? Doesn’t everyone dream of being a little cowgirl or cowboy at some stage of their life? Okay, so yeah, there are probably lots of people who wouldn’t. Poor things. 😉

But even for native Hoosiers that do move away for one reason or another. They can see a picture of a good ole Indiana sunset and instantly be taken back to a sight and memories that warm their heart and maybe even wet their eyes.

I look up or out the, tractor, truck..any kind. And see one of those will never do it justice..sunsets. Remember my favorite little guy in preschool singing… “Jesus, you sure know how to color!” Say a little prayer of thanks. And think – Nope. No. I don’t think I ever could move away from our own little patch in the heart of the Rural Midwest. Where every night is a surprise gift of colors from heaven’s palette painted and changing in the sky. And if there’s a flag for our country waving along that skyline…all the better.

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