Twisted Tree Photography

Twisted Tree Tree Photography at Hawclif Farms

My husband and I both come from a long line of harvest heroes before that was even a term. There is a common saying in the agriculture world that farming is in the blood and we certainly feel that’s true. The work, the life, its roots down deep just like the crops and you feel it mind, heart, body, & soul. A God-given gift.

Some seed companies tend to come and go and some have the ability to form a foundation as deep as those farming roots. Their names may change but the theme stays the same and a good company shows that same respect and appreciation for all those generations of farmers.

You may not realize, but social media has its own little agriculture niche. A way for farmers and companies to connect across different continents in the blink of an eye. So as I was perusing “ag Twitter” I stumbled upon a #harvesthero contest from one such seed company offering a photo contest where they selected several harvest heroes throughout the #harvest19 season to feature on their own social media platform.

And so on the first day of harvest, I couldn’t resist sending in a photo of my Dad. He is not your typical 81-year-old “retired” farmer. Many who know him would guess he’s more in line with the age bracket of someone 15 years younger. He’s our main combine operator here at Hawclif Farms and his secret to life is hard work and a positive mind-over-matter attitude. So we were pretty excited when he was recognized as one of Pioneer Seed Company’s harvest heroes this season. And we would also like to recognize and thank Pioneer as well for that and a pretty cool swag box!

Even more lucky for me I still have 2 more heroes – my husband and father-in-law to boot. Our farming operations are on opposite ends of the county & by tractor/combine/slow-moving vehicle it takes about an hour to get from one to the other. But this harvest season, and a few in the past, we all made the trek to help each other out and work together. And that really is the best way to handle a crop season, especially one as crazy as 2019!

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