Twisted Tree Photography

Twisted Tree Tree Photography at Hawclif Farms

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a…Drone?!

We’re in the thick of another busy farming season. One you may not often hear much about like planting & harvest, but is also important & can make a big difference in how successful the harvest season is & the health of all the crop plants in the field… It’s time for all the pretty […]

Indiana Sunsets & Pride-worthy Skies

Breathtaking Indiana sunsets and flags flown with pride are a common site in the heart of the Midwest. Especially in the rural areas where you may even see a painted flag quite literally taking up almost an entire side or roof of a barn. I’ve often wondered what if we ever moved away, though hard […]

World Soil Day

Today I learned that it is World Soil Day. Seems as though there’s a world or national day of something just about every day but this was one I could certainly get on board with! (As well as National Cookie Day, Pizza Day, Taco Day, Ice Cream Day, Coffee Day… you get me.) This is […]